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The first foals

For the last few days we have had few foals. Hrefna was the first one with black mare after Aron frá Strandarhöfđi. Next came Vala frá Brekku with a mare, chestnut with star, after Ţóroddur frá Ţóroddsstöđum. Then Gná had her foal. Chestnut mare after Ketill frá Kvistum. The next one was also after Ketill, a mare, chestnut with a star, after Játning frá Stóra-Hofi. We will take pictures of the over the weekend. 

Arndís had a mare

On Friday morning Arndís had her foal and she had a mare as we wished for. She is after Keilir and their second offspring. We already have Askur frá Árbć a promising stallion born in 2006. It looks like she is going to be yellow dun. She has been named Keila after her father because she is his last offspring to be born in Árbćr.


Few days before Arndís had her mare Laufa also had a mare. She is also yellow dun and after Keilir.


It is great how the mares popularity encreased the last days and now we have 9 mares and 6 stallions and only one mare to go. So we will definetely have more mares this year.

You can see further information about all the foals born in 2010 under Rćktunin - Fćdd 2010.

Vigdís had a mare


A dream came through when Vigdís frá Feti had her foal. It was a mare. The newborn princess is after Keilir and Vigdís and their only offspring.


She will propably become blue dun. Her name is Bryndís frá Árbć, named after her breeder Brynjar Vilmundarsson and Vigdís the housewife in Árbćr.



First mares gone to stallions


Now when almost all mares have had their foals, the ones that have had their foals are started to go to stallions again. Hrefna, Glás and Venus have all been confirmed with foal after Aron frá




Máney went to Héđinn frá Feti, son of Klettur frá Hvammi and Gerđa frá Gerđum. Five gaited with a total score of 8,43, divides into 8,24 for conformation and 8,56 for riding ability.


Sjöstjarna and Ţrá went to Askur frá Árbć, a son of Keilir and Arndís.


Vćnting is with Leiknir frá Vakurstöđum. A son of Safír frá Viđvík  and Lyfting frá Ysta-Mó. He is four gaited with a total score of 8,28, which divides into 8,04 for conformation and 8,44 for riding ability.



Young stallions taken into foster


Around the brake and hopefully end of the volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajökull we took few stallions into foster.


They are all promising from Fornusandar and Efri-Ţverá. It is difficult to have young stallions in the stable at this time of the year. Therefore we did not hesitate to take them in when we were called and asked if the young stallins could get „ash“refuge at our farm.






Has the eruption stopped?


Around the Whitsun the mountains were pretty dark to look at. Hekla was black as the Tindfjöll and Eyjafjallajökull.


Eyjafjallajökull has settled down for now and hopefully for many years to come. But according the the history he could just be taking a break and start again soon but hopefully that will not happen. We have had a bit of ash for the last days and that is something that we will have to live with for the next weeks and even months.


Equal divison of the sexes


Now we have had three more horses. So we have 6 mares and 6 stallions. Sjöstjarna, Ţrá and Vćnting have all got their foals. Sjöstjarna had a chestnut horse after Vökull frá Árbć, Ţrá had a black horse after Keilir frá Miđsitja and Vćnting a chestnut horse with a blaze after Ketill frá Kvistum.


Most of the foals have got their name and the youngest members of the family helped us wit that. Still to come are Arndís, Vigdís and Laufa that will have foals after Keilir and the last we will have foal after Tilvera and Ketill frá Kvistum.


The young ones are doing well


Botn the young horses and the stallions  live a great live now. The ones born in 2009 are still inside and can be eating the whole day if the like to. The other ones among with two old dignitaries are out in the heath and get hay out there.


The mares are in the heath behind the stable. They also get hay out there. The foals thrive well and the oldest ones are about month old. Now we have had ten foals, six mares and four horses. There are still six mares to go so it will be interesting to see how the split will be in the end.


More foals

This week we got four new foals. Glás, Gná, Játning and Máney have all had their foal, 2 mares and 2 stallions.

Játning and Máney both had horses after Glóđafeykir frá Halakoti, a son of Rökkvi frá Hárlaugsstöđum. Játning´s son is bay and Máney´s son is chestnut with a blaze.

Gná had a black mare after Ketill frá Kvistum, son of Nagli frá Ţúfu, and Glás had a chestnut mare after Keilir frá Miđsitju.


Verona and Ilmur did well

This week there was a breeding show in Víđidalur. Two mares from our breeding were shown there. Verona and Ilmur are both born in 2004 and were therefore in the group of 6 years old mares.

Verona was in first place in the group with a total score of 8,22, which devides into 8,42 for conformation (8,5-9,0-9,0-8,5-8,5-7,0-8,0-7,0) and 8,08 for riding ability (8,0-8,0-8,5-8,0-8,0-8,0-8,0). Verona is after Vigdís frá Feti and Aron frá Strandarhöfđi. As before it was Sigurđur V. Matthíasson that rode Verona. Now Verona has got a ticket to Landsmót and can rest and hopefully she will bet the horse flue sooner than later.

Ilmur frá Árbć is after the honour awarded stallion Keilir frá Miđsitju and Vala frá Brekku. Ilmur did also well and raised her score since 2008 alot. Now she had a total score of 7,98, which devides into 7,79 for conformation (7,0-8,0-8,5-8,0-7,5-8,5-7,5-6,5) and 8,10 for riding ability (8,5-7,5-8,0-8,0-8,5-8,0-7,5). Ilmur had a foal after Álfur frá Selfossi in 2009. Her owner is Sveinn Ragnarsson and we gratulate him with her judgement. Sigurđur V. Matthíasson also rode Ilmur and she became second in the group of 6 years old mares.


More mares

Last week Venus had her foal. This is her second foal and also her second mare.

She is black with a star and her father is Ketill frá Kvistum. Ketill is after Nagli frá Ţúfu and Katla frá Skíđbakka 3. Ketill is four gaited with a total score of 8,22. She has got the name Villimey and she is the fifth foal this year.




More foals

Now we have had four foals. Hrefna, Bringa, Vala and Elding have all had their foals. Hrefna had a stallion but the other three have all had mares. You can see further information about the foals and some pictures here.

Volcanic eruptions

On the 21st of March we had a volcanic eruption at Fimmvörđuháls. We could see the eruption from our home. During the day we could see the steam coming up from the eruption but in the evening we could see the flames.

On Saturday over the Eastern we went for a family trip to the eruption. It was very impressive to see it with our bare eyes but we don´t deny that we were eased when we got back home without any problems. You can see pictures from the trip here.

The theoreticians had just declared the volcanic eruption at Fimmvörđuháls over when another one started on the top of Eyjafjallajökull. That eruption is much more dangerous than the other because this one spreads ash all over and there is flood coming down from the glacier. You can see pictures taken from our back yard here.

For now the wind is favourable to us but if the wind changes and the ash comes to our direction we are ready to take all our horses into the stable, riding hall and machine house (we would clear it in an hour). Because it is not good for the horses to stay outside when the ash falls down. But we have kept our fingers crossed for the last week and we will do that while the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull goes on.

Smelltu          Smelltu          Smelltu



The first foal

On the 8th of April the first foal was born on the farm. It was a black stallion with a star. He is after Hrefna frá Árbć and Dynur frá Hvammi.

Dynur is after Orri frá Ţúfa and Djásn frá Heiđi. He is therefore brother to Djáknar frá Hvammi. Dynur is four gaited with a total score of 8,47, 8,32 for conformation and 8,57 for riding ability.

Hrefna is born in 1994 after Kraflar frá Miđsitja and Hnota frá Stóra-Hofi and the new born is her 10th offspring. Two of her daughters have been shown in a breeding show and both got first prize. Hrund frá Árbć, after Keilir frá Miđsitja, with a total score of 8,02 and Hildur frá Árbć, after Djáknar frá Hvammi, with a total score of 8,01.

Smelltu          Smelltu

Verona the beauty queen

The last days in April I went to look at Verona by Siggi Matt and Edda Rún. I hadn´t seen her under rider since early January and boy was I happy. She has always been very willing but she beamed of power and improved herself at all gaits.

Verona is born in 2004, after Vigdís frá Feti and Aron frá Strandarhöfđi. Last year she had a total score of 8,20, 8,38 for comformation and 8,08 for riding ability. She is the only offspring of Vigdís that we still own but we are looking forward to the foal she will get this summer because that will be her´s and Keilir´s first and last offspring.

You can see pictures from the visit here.

Jakob and Vökull sold

Earlier this year we sold the brothers Jakob and Vökull. They are both after Aron frá Strandarhöfđi.

Vökull is born in 2006 and after Vigdís frá Feti. He was broken in last autumn and was very promising. It will be exciting to see how he developes for the next months. He is expected to be shown in a breeding show this spring. He has good conformation, high movements and all gaits are promising.


Jakob is born in 2005 after Játning frá Stóra-Hofi. Jakob was broken in last winter and was getting very good. This year he was getting even better, getting stronger and starting to hold out his high movements. The aim is to have him judged in a breeding show this spring.


Their new owner is Millfarm Corp ehf. (Dan Slott) . The brothers will stay here in Iceland for some time and are in training at new farms. We wish Dan good luck with them in the future.

Jakob at Hólaborg

After Christmas we took Jakob to Ingimar at Hólaborg. He has been well taken care of there for more thant three weeks.

He has been trained in all the equipment they have there and it is going very well. He will be back home in 10 days or so and we are curious to see what this kind of training does for him. His brother Vökull went to Hólaborg yesterday and will be there for a while.

Ingimar sent us this photo of himself and Jakob.


Happy Holidays

We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Smelltu          Smelltu          Smelltu



The weather in December has been amazing. At a time the heat was plus two digits that is something we are not used to at this time of the year.

Few days ago we used the weather to go to the meadow where the young stallions are and cut their hooves. We have three young stallions outside and they are all born in 2007. They are Júlíus after Játning and Aron, Júpíter after Júlía (daughter of Játning) and Aron and Valur after Vćnting and Vilmundur frá Feti. Júpíter is the only offspring of Júlía which we lost in fall 2007.

Few days before that there was time to clean out the stable. Mares and geldings

spent the day in the small fence outside the stable. But the stallions were moved between boxes inside.


Smelltu          Smelltu          Smelltu


New horses for sale

We have added horses for sale under "Rćktunin/Breeding - Til sölu".

We have added few mares and geldings for sale. Also there are few younger mares born in 2006, 2007 and 2008 for sale but they are all under the year they are born and are marked not sold if they are for sale. We also have a lot of young promising geldings for sale.


Keilir gone

Keilir went towards his new home today. He left with flight to Liege, Belgia, today. But his final home will be in the Netherlands. His buyers were like said before Family van Blitterswijk, Erik Spee, Sigurđur V Matthíasson and Edda Rún Ragnrsdóttir.

Keilir will be missed at the farm but his offspring will keep his name alive at our farm. Last week we took to the stable Askur frá Árbć, a stallion born in 2006 after Keilir and Arndís. It will be interesting to see how he will develop until the spring.

We congratulate the new owners of Keilir with him.

Fall and winter

This fall and winter we will have few promising mares in our stable. It will be interesting to se how they will develop until spring.

Vaka frá Árbć will come to the stable again. She was broken in when she was four years old and then she went to Aron and had beautiful stallion after him this summer. She will be six years old next year.

Also we will have Hera, born in 2005 after Hrefna and Ţóroddur frá Ţóroddsstöđum.

Karen born in 2005 will also be there, she is after Venus and Aron.

Siggi Matt will ride Veron born in 2004 after Vigdís and Aron like last years.

Those mares are all very promising but there will also be mares born in 2006 after Keilir, Aron, Völur (son of Keilir) frá Árbć and Kjarkur frá Egilsstađabć.

Jakob will also be in the stable. He is very promising stallion born in 2005 after Játning and Aron.

Vökull is born in 2006 after Vigdís and Aron, whole brother to Verona. He is as well built as his sister with good movements so it will be interesting to see how he will be.

Work to do in the autumn

All the mares are gone from the stallions and their percentage was good this year as the years before. Now the stallions that are outside are all together in one fence and some are inside.

The last mares are back home from stallions and their hooves were cut before they and their foals went to the meadow with the other ones. The foals also got vermifuge.

Smelltu          Smelltu          Smelltu 

Stallions this summer

This year we took 16 mares to stallions and we are already excited to see how the offsprings will be next year.

Arndís, Laufa, vala and Ţrá are having foal by Keilir and so is Vigdís. True but unbeliveable this is the first foal Vigdís will have after him.

Bringa will have foal after Ómur frá Kvistum the winner of 5 years old stallions at Landsmót 2008 with a total score of 8,61.

Gná, Tilvera, Venus and Vćnting will all have foals after Naglis son Ketill frá Kvistum a 4 years old four gated stallion with a total score of 8,22.

Játning and Máney will have foals after the Rökkvi son Glóđafeykir frá Halakoti. Glóđafeykir is four gated stallion with a total score of 8,34 in the group of five years old stallions at Landsmót 2008.

Elding, Glás and Sjöstjarna will have foals after Vökull frá Árbć. He is born in 2006 after Vigdís frá Feti and Aron frá Strandarhöfđi.

Hrefna will have foal after Dynur frá Hvammi, four gated Orri´s son with a total score of 8,47.

The following picture is of Bringa and Játning.



The youngest generation went riding

Two young and promising riders came riding with us this summer. They are the youngest family members and came to ride at grandma´s and grandpa´s.  It looked like they were having great fun. They got to ride Óđinn (19 years old) and Hylur (17 years old). Andri Sveinn (5 years old) and Vigdís Birna (7 years old) rode around the riding hall and changed horses again and again but he had a little more help than she. Vigdís Birna went to riding school at Reiđskóli Reykjavíkur for the second time this year and Andri Sveinn is waiting to get there next year.

Smelltu          Smelltu          Smelltu


Keilir has been sold

We have sold the Stallion Keilir frá Miđsitju. Keilir is born in 1994 after Ófeigur frá Flugumýri and Krafla frá Sauđárkróki. We bought him in 1998 and he has been like one of the family since then. Therefore it was a hard decision for us when we were asked if we would like to sell him. But we have great mares after him that is going to be breeding mares at the farm and we also have great geldings that are in training by us.


At Landsmót 2002 in Vindheimamelar he was the highest judged stallion in six years and older stallion. At Landsmót 2004 in Hella his offspring’s were in the middle of attention and he got first prize for offspring’s and he had the highest BLUP of the stallions that got that first prize for offspring. At Landsmót 2006 he won the famous Sleipnisbikar for his offspring. He has only once taken place in a competition and that was in 2001 when he competed in tölt at Ístölt and won there.


Keilir has 486 registered offspring´s and 127 of them have gone to breeding show and their average score is 7,94. His highest judged offspring is Dalvar frá Auđsholtshjáleigu with a total score of 8,63. His offspring’s have also been doing well in competition.


His grandchildren are starting to come to breeding shows and they are doing very well. Like the offspring’s of Álfasteinn Brimnir, Ljóni and Djörfung frá Ketilsstöđum, The Rammi´s daughter Skjönn frá Skjálg and Mjölnir frá Hlemmiskeiđi 3 son of Blika frá Nýjabć.


Keilir´s new owners are Family Von Blitterswijk, Erik Spee, Sigurđur V. Matthíasson and Edda Rún Ragnarsdóttir. His new home will be in Netherland and he will go there in the autumn. Until then he will be taking care of mares at Árbćr. We congratulate the new owners of Keilir with the great horse they just bought.


Smelltu          Smelltu          Smelltu



The foals

One of the most exciting moments of the spring is when the foals are born. Now we have had five foals and hopefully there are more coming within few days.


The first one was a brown mare after Hrefna frá Árbć and Vökull frá Árbć. She therefor was Vökull´s first offspring. But there are more to come because he had 14 of 15 mares confirmed with a foal last year.


The next one was a bay mare after Vala frá Brekku and Aron frá Strandarhöfđi. Elding frá Stóra-Hofi had a chestnut stallion after Vökull frá Árbć, Glás frá Votmúla had a bay mare after Aron frá Strandarhöfđi and Máney frá Árbć has had her first foal which is a brown stallion after Mídas frá Kaldbak.


You can see further information about the foals here.


Verona got 8,20

Verona frá Árbć was shown at the breeding show in Víđidalur last week. And it is ok to say that it went very well. She got for comformation 8,38 (8,5-9,0-8,5-8,5-8,5-7,0-8,0-7,0) and for rideability 8,08 (8,0-8,0-8,0-8,0-8,0-8,5-8,0) which makes a total score of 8,20. So now the birthday gift as we often call her has got first price. The rider of Verona was Sigurđur V Matthíasson.


Verona is born in 2004 and is after Vigdís frá Feti and Aron frá Strandarhöfđi. She will will be in training for the next few weeks and then she gets a little break and will come in again in december. She will not go to a stallion until next year.


Now six of seven judged offsprings of Vigdís frá Feti have got first price and their average score is 8,23.


Smelltu               Smelltu



Bringa´s offspring

Last year Bringa frá Feti was lead to Vökull frá Árbć. Vökull is after Vigdís frá Feti and Aron frá Strandarhöfđi. Now her foal is born and it is a black mare. The owners are Hrossarćktarbúiđ Fet.

Smelltu               Smelltu

Keilir´s offsprings

Now is the season for breeding shows both in Iceland and abroad. Three offsprings of Keilir have been shown in a breeding show this year.

Vanadís frá Hrauni got for comformation 7,73, for rideability 8,25 and a total score of 8,04. Vanadís frá Hrauni is born in 2002 and is after Vakning frá Víđidal. The rider of Vanadís was Ţorvaldur Árni Ţorvaldsson and the owner is Sigrún Sigurđardóttir and Ţorvaldur Ţorvaldsson.

Frćnka frá Feti got for comformation 8,02, for rideability 8,09 and a total score of 8,06. Frćnka is born in 2003 and is after Fantasía frá Feti. The rider of Frćnka was Gunnar hafdal and the owner is Maria Ammitzböll.

Brimkló frá Efri-Fitjum got for comformation 8,07, for rideability 8,23 and a total score of 8,17. Brimkló is born in 2004 and is after Ballerína frá Grafarkoti. The rider of Brimkló was Tryggvi Björnsson and the owners are Gréta Karlsdóttir and Gunnar Ţorgeirsson.

Vigri gets higher points

Vigri frá Árbć was shown in a breeding show in Seljord, Norway few days ago. He raised his marks from last year. He got for conformation 8,48 /7,5-8,5-8,5-8,5-8,5-7,5-9,5-8,0) and for rideability 8,23 (8,5-7,5-8,0-8,0-8,5-8,5-7,0) which makes a total score of 8,33. Vigri is born in 2000 and is after Vigdís frá Feti and Orri frá Ţúfu. The rider was Ţórđur Ţorgeirssona and the owner is Skoies AB.


Flying on a pink cloud

At election day the weather was great and I went to visit Siggi and Edda at their stable as often before. Siggi decided to show me Verona. I have not seen her since early this winter. And she has made great improvements. She has very good gaits, high leg action and great power.


Meistari frá Árbć

Meistari frá Árbć is after Jakob frá Árbć and Máltíđ frá Stykkishólmi. Meistari is born in 2008 and is owned by the brothers Jakob Björgvin and Lárus Jóhann. This is the same Jakob as Jakob is named after. The brothers went to a foal show in Hvolsvöllur with Meistari and he went to finals.

The following pictures are taken of Meistari at the show.

Smelltu               Smelltu

Siggi and Edda visited

Last weekend I went and visited Siggi and Edda. Siggi is training Verona again this winter. As mentioned below she is after Vigdís and Aron and born in 2004. Last year she got a total score of 7,97 and was in Landsmót. She had 8,42 for conformation and 7,68 for rideability.

I had my camera with me because I was going to take some pictures of her and some horses for them. She was very good and I´am still flying on the pink cloud since last year. There were big improvements in tölt and trot and then he took a little pace strick and boy was that good.

Below are few pictures I took of her.

Smelltu          Smelltu          Smelltu

Vökull with Hrunamenn

Our young stallion Vökull frá Árbć will be with Hrunamenn this summer. Vökull is born in 2006 and is after Vigdís frá Feti and Aron frá Strandarhöfđi. He is brother to Vilmundur frá Feti. Vökull has two whole sisters. They are Verona born in 2004 and Viktoria born in 2008. Vökull has good conformation and big movements.   


Vikar frá Árbć

Vikar frá Árbć is a stallion from our breeding. He is born in 2005 after Vćnting frá Stóra-Hofi and Aron frá Strandarhöfđi. Aron got first prize for his offsprings at Landsmót this summer in Hella and four of Vćntings offsprings have been shown in a breeding show and two of them have got first prize. Vikar has good conformation and big movements. You can see further information about him here.

Smelltu               Smelltu


15 foals last summer

Last summer there 15 foals were born at our farm and the first year for a long time there were more mares than horses. Most of the foals are after Jakob frá Árbć but there were also born foals after Aron frá Strandarhöfđi, Álfur frá Selfossi, Flipi frá Litlu-Sandvík, Keilir frá Miđsitju, Stáli frá Kjarri and Ţorsti frá Garđi.

You can see further information about the foals here.

Young horses

The autumn is the time were we start to break in the young horses. Now we have alot of promising geldings born 2003 and after in the stable. Some of them have been ridden before but other not. Among with them is one young stallion Jakob frá Árbć after Játning frá Stóra-Hofi and Aron frá Strandarhöfđi. It will be interesting to see how he will be in the future.


Another Álfasteinn

This summer the great mare Álfadís frá Selfossi came again to Keilir. Last time they were brought together the stallion Álfasteinn frá Selfossi was born. Álfasteinn got for conformation 8,32, for rideability 8,69 and a total score of 8,54. Álfasteinn has been sold to Denmark so his home is there now. Five offsprings of Álfasteinn were shown this year in breeding shows. Three of them got first prize and the average score of these five offsprings is 8,026 which is very good considering that they are all born in 2004. It will be curious to see if there will come another Álfasteinn or maybe a little princess next year.


Late summer breeding show

Today was the last day at the late summer breeding show in Hella. Brynja and Jórunn frá Árbć got 1 prize there.  Brynja got a total score of 8,14 and was the highest judged mare in her group and Jórunn got a total score of 8,19 and was the second highest in her group.

Brynja is 4 years old after Bringa frá Feti and Leiknir frá Vakurstađir. She got for conformation 8,08 (7,5-8,0-9,0-8,0-7,5-8,5-8,5-8,0) and for rideability 8,18 (8,5-8,0-6,5-8,5-9,0-8,5-6,0). The rider of Brynja was Erlingur Erlingsson and her owners are Anna Guđrún Grétarsdóttir and Vignir Sigurđsson. Brynja raised her marks quite a bit since she was shown this spring but then she got a total score of 7,87.

Jórunn is 5 years old after Játning frá Stóra-Hofi and Nagli frá Ţúfu. She got for conformation 8,28 (8,0-8,5-8,5-8,5-8,0-7,5-8,5-8,5) and for rideability 8,13 (9,0-8,5-5,0-8,5-8,5-9,0-6,5). The rider of Jórunn was Kristjón L Kristjánsson and her owner is Kvistir ehf. Jórunn also raised her marks quite a bit since she was shown this spring but then she got a total score of 8,06.

You can see a picture of Jórunn and Kristjón here below in our breeding show at Landsmót.




Breeding show at Landsmót

Now for the first time at Landsmót we took part in the breeding shows at Landsmót. It is safe to say that it went well and provoke attention. The horses that took part in the show are:

  • Vafi frá Árbć, rider Guđmundur Bćringsson
  • Fjóla frá Árbć, rider Halldór Sigurkarlsson 
  • Glymur frá Árbć, rider Davíđ Matthíasson
  • Gína frá Árbć, rider Dagbjört Guđbrandsdóttir
  • Vordís frá Árbć, rider Daníel Jónsson
  • Jórunn frá Árbć, rider Kristjón Kristjánsson
  • Gjafar frá Árbć, rider Sigurđur V. Matthíasson
  • Venus frá Árbć, rider Gunnar Jóhannsson

    Smelltu          Smelltu          Smelltu

     Gjafar and Sigurđur                                 Fjóla and Halldór / Vafi and Guđmundur                          Jórunn and Kristjón


    Smelltu          Smelltu          Smelltu

     Vordís and Daníel / Gína and Dagbjört                   Venus and Gunnar                           Glymur and Davíđ

    Keilir at Hestatorg

    Keilir had a new part in this Landsmót. He and his brother Kraflar were shown at Hestatorg on Friday as they have both had Sleipnisbikarinn for their offspring. Sleipnisbikarinn is the ultimate acknowledgement a stallion can receive for his offspring. When we were asked to bring Keilir to the Hestatorg for three hours on Friday we were honored to do that. Therefor we went out to the filed and fetched him on Friday morning, washed him and took him down to Hella. Keilir was not so pleased with this action but forgave us that when he was able to go out to his mares again in the evening. It was nice to see how many people came to look at the brothers.

    Smelltu          Smelltu          Smelltu


    Great guests over Landsmót

    It is possible to say that we had Landsmót almost in our infield. Therefor we had a lot of great guests over the week. Siggi Matt and Edda Rún among with their escorts were living with us and also had their horses by us. Viđar Ingólfsson the winner of Tölt in Landsmót had his horses by us part the week. With him there was Arnar Bjarki Sigurđsson which was in B-final in youngsters and won that great achievement to earn his place in B-final in A-flokkur and ended in 14th place there. Also Gína and Fjóla visited their old home. Among with above mentioned people and horses we had a lot of other guests.

    The following pictures are of Siggi Matt in flying pace, Tumi frá Stóra-Hofi compiling energy for the finals in Tölt and then Matti Sig having a good time in Landsmót.


    More foals


    Now Gná, Ţrá, Sjöstjarna and Vćnting have had their foals. Gná and Ţrá both had brown mares after Jakob but Sjöstjarna had a stallion which is chestnut with a star also after Jakob. They are all very beautiful like other foals after Jakob. Vćnting had a brown mare after Flipi frá Litlu-Sandvík. We were very happy that she had a mare because we have had stallions for the last three years. The following pictures are of Gná and her daughter, then of Ţrá´s daughter and finally of Vćnting and her daughter. You can see a picture of Sjöstjarna and her son in the news here below.

    Smelltu          Smelltu          Smelltu

    Jakobs offspring

    These days more and more offsprings from Jakob frá Árbć are stepping their first steps in the world. They are all very beautiful. They all have that in common that their neck and front is beautiful. They also have big movements.It still isn´t full with Jakob this summer. The price is ISK 40.000 + VAT. You can place orders or send enquiries through email marianna@arbae.is.

    Enclosed pictures are of Jakobs offsprings.


    Smelltu          Smelltu          Smelltu


    Participants at Landsmót

    Now six mares from Árbćr have earned their rigth to participate in Landsmót. Only two of those six horses are still owned by us. They are Máney and Verona. Máney is going to be in the breeding show in the group of 6 years old mares and Verona is going to be in the 4 year old mares. The other four horses are Vordís and Jórunn which are going to be in the 5 year old mares. Then Gná is going to be in ungmennaflokkur and Fjóla in B-flokkur. 

    The group will be a bit bigger because we are one of the farms that were chosen to have breeding show at Landsmót. So maybe some geldings will slide with in that group like Vafi (shown in picture).


    Brynja at Sörlastađir

    Yesterday Brynja frá Árbć was shown in the breeding show in Hafnarfjörđur. Brynja is only 4 years old after Bringa and Leiknir frá Vakursstađir. She is fourgated and got for conformation 7,94 (7,5-8,0-9,0-7,5-8,0-8,0-8,0-8,0) and for rideability 7,79 8,5-8,0-5,0-7,5-8,5-8,5-6,5) which makeas a total score of 7,85. Brynja was sold last year but you can see more about her on her owners website.


    Vordís gets higher marks



    Vordís frá Árbć went back to a breeding show in Hafnarfjörđur today. She raised her marks a bit from the time she was shown in Hella. She is 5 years old after Vćnting and Nagli frá Ţúfu. She got for conformation 8,24 (8,5-8,5-7,0-8,5-8,5-6,5-8,5-8,5) and for rideability 8,06 (9,0-7,5-5,0-9,0-8,5-9,0-7,0) which makes a total score of 8,13. She also got 9,0 for slow tölt. Vordís is the third offspring from Vćnting that goes to a breeding show and the second one to get first prize. Vaka sister to Vordís which is 4 years old after Orri frá Ţúfu will also be shown in Hafnarfjörđur this week.


    Venus got 8,10



    We decided to take Venus back to judgement in Hafnarfjörđur. Now her marks were more like what we thougt she could get. She got the same marks for conformation 7,94 (7,5-8,0-8,0-8,0-8,0-8,5-8,0-6,5) and raised her marks for rideability up to 8,20 (8,0-7,5-8,5-8,0-8,5-8,5-8,0) which makes a total score of 8,10. She is therefore the 7th horse from our breeding to get first prize in breeding show this year.

    Máney and Jórunn to Landsmót



    Today 5 mares from Árbćr were shown ath the breeding show in Hella. Máney and Jórunn got first prize and were qualified for Landsmót.

    Máney frá Árbć is 6 years old after Gná og Keilir and therefore full sister to Gínu frá Árbć. Máney got for conformation 8,16 (7,5-8,5-8,0-8,5-8,0-7,5-8,5-6,5) and for rideability 8,17 (8,5-7,5-8,5-8,0-8,5-7,5-8,5) which makes a total score of 8,17. Her sister Gnótt which is 5 years old after Aron go for conformation 8,09 (7,5-8,0-7,0-8,5-8,5-7,5-8,5-8,0) and for rideability 7,64 (8,0-7,0-7,5-7,5-8,0-7,5-6,5) which makes a total score of 7,82.

    Vordís frá Árbć which is 5 years old after Vćnting and Nagli frá Ţúfu got for conformation 8,24 (8,5-8,5-7,0-8,5-8,5-6,5-8,5-8,5) and for rideability 7,85 (9,0-6,5-5,0-9,0-8,5-8,5-7,0) which makes a total score of 8,01. Her sister Venus which is 9 years old after Keilir got for conformation 7,94 (7,5-8,0-8,0-8,0-8,0-8,5-8,0-6,5) and for rideability 8,02 (8,0-7,5-8,0-8,0-8,0-8,5-8,0) which makes a total score of 7,99.

    Jórunn frá Árbć which is 5 years old after Játning and Nagli frá Ţúfu got for conformation 8,18 (8,0-8,5-8,5-8,0-8,0-7,5-8,5-7,5) and for rideability 7,98 (8,5-8,5-5,0-9,0-8,5-8,5-7,0) which makes a total score of 8,06.

    Grandchild to Landsmót




    This year Keilir will not go Landsmót. He has been there for the last three ones so it will be a little strange to just have him at home. In 2002 he was in first place in stallions 6 years and older, in 2004 he had first award for offspring and in 2006 he received the Sleipnisbikar for his offspring so his travels to Landsmót´s have been very successful. This week in Hella his first grandchild got its place in Landsmót. It is a 4 year old mare Birta frá Úlfsstöđum. Birta is after Álfasteinn frá Selfossi and Hnáta frá Úlfsstöđum a Orri daugheter. She is four gated and gotted 8,38 for conformation and 7,98 for rideability which makes a total score of 8,14.



    Valdís got 8,03




    Valdís frá Árbć was shown in Hella this week. She is 6 years old after Keilir and Vala. Her scores changed a little bit from last year. Now she had 8,19 for conformation and 7,91 for rideability which makes a total score of 8,03. She gotted 9,0 for neck, back and croup and correctness. Valdís was sold last year.

    Bringa and Rák with foals




    The foals keep coming into the world these days. Now Bringa and Rák have had their foals. Rák frá Bjarnastöđum had a yellow dun mare after Keilir. She is therefore a whole sister to Keila frá Bjarnastöđum which was in the 7th place at Landsmót 2004 in group of mares 7 years and older. Rák is after Bárđur frá Bárđatjörn and Ör frá Torfastöđum.

    Smelltu          Smelltu

    Vörđur got 8,18



    The stallion Vörđur frá Árbć was the first horse from our breeding to go to a breeding show this year. Vörđur is after Vigdís frá Feti and Hróđur frá Refsstöđum. He got 8,32 for conformation and 8,08 for rideability which makes a total score of 8,18. He got 9,5 for back and croup and 9,0 for proportions. Vörđur was the only horse from Árbćr that was shown in Reykjavík but there will be more in Gaddstađaflatir and Hafnarfjörđur.


    New foals



    There are three new foals now. Glás had ađ red mare after Álftur frá Selfossi, Hrefna had a  brown stallion after Stáli frá Kjarri and Tilvera hand a brown mare after Jakob frá Árbć. Now we have 3 new mares and 2 stallions but at the same time last year we only had stallions. The foals thrive all well even though some of the did not come easily into the world.




    Verona and Siggi



    We decided to celebrate the summer by visiting Siggi and Verona again. We have not seen here since February. As mentioned in earlier news Verona is after Vigdís frá Feti and Aron frá Strandarhöfđi and is therefore half sister of the stallion Vilmundur frá Feti. Everything is going well and the owner still flies on a pink cloud. She has big movements both at tölt and trot and is also started to take her first steps in pace and they are promising.



    Smelltu          Smelltu          Smelltu


    The summer is back


    On The First Day of Summer we drove all the mares home to the stable. The driving was not long because they are placed in a meadow behind the stable. There are already two foals born (after Elding and Vala) and many more to come. Guđmundur used the opportunity to cut their hoofs after the winter time. There were some constructers working in the foal stable so the one year old stallions were outside at the same time and were watching their mothers over the fence with great interest.



    Smelltu          Smelltu          Smelltu



    The first foal

    Yesterday we got our first foal this year even thoug The First Day of Summer is not until next week. It is ađ bay horse after Vala frá Brekku and Jakob frá Árbć. This is Jakob´s first offspring but Vala´s 7th. This year we are expecting 8 more foals after Jakob. We are also expecting foals after Álfur frá Selfoss, Ţorsti frá Garđi, Flipi frá Litlu-Sandvík and Stáli frá Kjarri. Hopefully the rate of mares will be higher this year than it has been for the last few years. Next in line to have foal is Elding and that should happen in the next few days.


    Aronsday 2008

    Today was a gathering of the owners of Aron frá Strandarhöfđi in Árbćr. Few of his older offspring were ridden and some of the younger ones ran free in the riding hall. Afterwards most of the horses were lined up and Magnús Lárusson breeding judge gave few comments about their confirmation. The owners were very interested in Jakob and Vökull. They have good confirmation and big movements. For the occasion Guđmundur showed the owners Aron both under saddle and then he ran free in the riding hall. Even though he is just in little training he fascinated all those who were present.





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